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“ Life ” with Possibilities

by Jeffrey M . Orth , ChFC , CASL Investment Advisor Representative of HTK
Jeffrey M . Orth is a Chartered Financial Consultant , a Certified Advisor in Senior Living , and an Investment Advisor Representative , with over 10 years experience as a business and personal planning , insurance , and wealth management specialist . Jeff is available for group lectures and private consultations . Visit his website at www . ifitfinancial . com or call 408.842.2716 .


client dropped in to talk with me and was clearly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of financial information out there . He went on to say “ Opinions are like armpits , everyone has them and most of them stink !” It is true that the world is full of sound bites from media sources , financial talk shows and large financial institutions . Endless opinions , conflicting messages and misinformation have created financial confusion , even myths , about what works , what doesn ’ t and what to do next . I am sure he is not alone in trying to figure out how to sort myth from reality .
I think it ’ s time to eliminate some confusion , get rid of some myths and help people simplify their financial life with time-tested guarantees and protection , cash accumulation and abundant possibilities built into permanent life insurance .
That ’ s right . Guarantees . Cash . Possibilities . It ’ s that simple .
Sometimes a few truths can go a long way .
The reality is permanent life insurance gives you all the guaranteed protection and benefits you would normally associate with life insurance … but that ’ s only part of the story . Permanent life insurance can also build cash to help you achieve a world of possibilities for you and your family .
One famous example of the value of cash within permanent life insurance was demonstrated by Walt Disney , who borrowed from his policy to pursue his dream of the Magic Kingdom . Many don ’ t know that the cash value of life insurance helped James Cash keep JCPenney afloat through the Great Depression . And I have some small business owner clients that used the cash values to help their business weather the financial demands of the current recession .
I have clients who have used their permanent life insurance to :
• act as their own banker
• start a business
• buy a car
• provide a down payment on a vacation home
• save for their children ’ s or grandchildren ’ s college education
• build a bigger nest egg for retirement
• supplement their retirement income
Here are a few things you should know about permanent life insurance :
• It should be the center of a sound , well rounded financial plan .
• Cash increases on a tax-deferred basis and can be withdrawn , incometax-free in most cases .
• You can take a loan from your policy for any purpose .
• In most states , cash in life insurance is protected from creditors .
• In most cases the death benefit of a life insurance policy passes income tax-free to beneficiaries .
While these benefits are not new , I have found that many people are unaware of the added value beyond the death benefit . The bottom-line on permanent life insurance :
• It ’ s simple .
• It ’ s full of possibilities .
• I believe it ’ s the most responsible financial action a person can take as a cornerstone to any financial plan .
If you want to hear about all the benefits of permanent life insurance , call your financial professional and get the facts today .
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