Gilroy Today 2010 06 Summer - Page 24

few homes are as representative of their owners personalities as the Giacalone’s home. Joe and Patty purchased their eastside country home in 1989, moving to Gilroy from San Jose. Those who know Joe might very well describe him as a “character” and his lovely wife, Patty, as a “classy” active Gilroyan. Their home is the perfect mix of “character” and “class” — combined with the tranquility of the countryside and the energy of a home with a history. Everything about and within this intriguing home tells a story. The main building’s history… originally built in 1906, it was once purchased by Henry Coe for his daughter Sada Coe. Sada Coe, after her father’s death, donated over 12,000 acres of her family farm, Pine Ridge Ranch to Santa Clara County for parkland. In 1958 this land became part of the state park system and was renamed Coe Park. The contents … from the piano that sits comfortably in the corner of the living room to a son’s painting that hangs over a bureau in the hallway, stories unfold as you walk through their home. The stained glass in the large picture window depicting a country home that sits 24 G I L R O Y T O D A Y S P R I N G 2 0 1 0