Gilroy Today 2007 05 May/April - Page 5

T H E W I N E R I E S O F G I L R O Y Hecker Pass Winery 4605 Hecker Pass Highway 842-8755 Kirigin Cellars 11550Watsonville Road 847-8827 Mann Cellars 7475 Crews Road 847-1556 Martin Ranch Winery 6675 Redwood Retreat Road 842-8197 Wine club: Yes Tasting Room: Yes Hours: Mon — Sun 10am-5pm Founded: 1972 ““We are passionate about wine and we are fully family owned. Our vines are sixty years old, estate grown and produced using a dry farming technique, and we have a great new tasting room and event center.” Mario Fortino Owner Most Celebrated Wine 2001 Petite Syrah Estate Future Plans Sixteen great wines: the newest is from 2001; while the oldest is from 1999. Wine club: Yes Tasting Room: Yes Hours: Mon — Sun 10am-5pm Founded: 130-year history — from the wild grapes the Spaniards found to the estate wines today. “The winery is the only known winery to host soccer and cricket tournaments. It is a huge event center with numerous weddings, sporting events and family gatherings,” “The large barrel shaped tasting room is another unique feature.” Maria Ohlson Tasting Room Manager Most Celebrated Wine Vino De Mocca, a combination of port, coffee, chocolate and orange is a unique treat. The Estate Cabernet and Syrah are also getting some attention. Wine club: No Tasting Room: Not Yet Hours: Call Mike. He will come to you! Founded: 1996 “We make excellent wines. We use a trellis system that produces big fat mellow estate wines.” Michael Mann, Chief Grape Officer Most Celebrated Wine Merlot is a big wine for beef, leg of lamb and chocolate; the Syrah is big and round and goes with just about everything else. Future Plans Watch for a tasting room somewhere in Gilroy within the year and the website is under construction. In the mean time, Mann Cellars will host several wine tasting dinners and special events in the next few months. Wine club: Yes Tasting Room: Yes Hours: 3 rd Saturday 11am-4:pm Or by appointment M-F 9-55:00 Founded: 1993 growing grapes for others; 2002 the first Martin Ranch wines. Dan & Thérèse Martin own and run the winery, which they treat as a chance to share the winemaking experience with friends. Visiting the winery is an opportunity to learn a little about winemaking, to make some great friends and to taste some very good wines. Most Celebrated Wine Thérèse Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 Reserve. Future Plans The 2004 Estate Cabernet is shaping up very well. Watch for a winemaker’s dinner at the Winery in August. Future Plans The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve will be released soon and is showing great potential. Watch for an announcement for the Fourth of July “BYO BBQ” at the winery. MAY/JUNE 2007 GILROY TODAY