Gilroy Today 2007 05 May/April - Page 4

T H E W I N E R I E S O F G I L R O Y The Wineries of Gilroy “Life is good!” People who live in Gilroy and who like wine have ample opportunity to say this. Gilroy is a wine lovers delight and Santa Clara County is the oldest wine growing region in California. It might not have the status of Napa but some of the local wines are world class; some of the wineries are picture perfect; others are fun gathering places; some host outrageously entertaining events; some offer education in wine making; and still others offer self-bottling opportunities. But most importantly, they are all in Gilroy! Gilroy Today found ten wineries with a Gilroy address; all producing award winning wines as well as novelty wines and outrageous brews like Garlic Wine. Almost all of the local wineries have wine clubs and enough events to keep wine lovers busy on weekends. There are some people who have the sophisticated pallet and the knowledge to judge good wine but for most of us it comes down to a very basic, “ I like it.” or “I don’t.” Whatever your level of wine sophistication, you bound to find a wine to enjoy right here in Gilroy. D�sco��r T�aditio� Our Thérèse Vineyards and J. D. Hurley wines are crafted with a strong respect for the land, yielding fruit that becomes the heart of each wine we make. P�s��o� How we create our wines reflects how we live . . . . . . we chart our paths, yet give our creative passion free reign, rendering fine wines rich with character. E�celle�ce The natural chemistry between the craft and our love for making great wine results in award-winners sought after by both wine lovers and critics alike. Martin Ranch - Thérèse Vineyards 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Santa Cruz Mountains � 93 Points � WINE ENTHUSIAST, APRIL 2007 Cellar Selection � 91 Points � WINE & SPIRITS, DECEMBER 2006 NOW OPEN FOR TASTING 3RD SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH 11am to 4pm 6675 Redwood Retreat Road | Gilroy | 408-842-9197 Fernwood Cellars 7137 Redwood Retreat Road 848-0611 Wine Club: Yes Tasting Room: No Hours: By Appointment Only Founded: 2000 “We try to make the best wine possible. We only use grapes we grow so we have control of the whole process. Some think this area does not produce good wine… Fernwood is seeking to change that perception by making some great wines.” Matt Oetinger Owner & Winemaker. Most Celebrated Wine 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon garnered the most awards. The new 2005 Vanumanutagi Chardonnay received a gold medal at the San Francisco Chronicle wine tasting and is in line to receive more awards. Future Plans More great events like the recent Spring Release, which had over 400 people in attendance. Some great wines that are coming up are the Limited Release Estate Sirah which will probably only go to Wine Club members. In 2007 there will be three Cabernets from different vineyards, one of them Vanumanutagi. Fortino Winery 4525 Hecker Pass Highway 842-3305 Wine club: Yes Tasting Room: Yes Hours: Tues — Sat 10am-5pm Sunday 11am-5:pm Founded: 1970 “The winery has award winning wine and great customer service. It is home to a new generation of fun!” Kit Ganz, Director of Events & Marketing Most Celebrated Wine Burgundy Reserve has been around for 37 years and is a strong local favorite. Recently the 2005 Syrah and the 2004 Cabernet have garnered some serious attention and awards. Future Plans The Winery and Event Center is home to numerous weddings, parties and events including the upcoming May 25 Relay for Life Fundraiser. MAY/JUNE 2007 GILROY TODAY