Gilroy Today 2007 05 May/April - Page 3

W From the Editor Wine is like the best creation man ever came up with. And wine is good for you. According to, wine is a mild natural tranquilizer, serving to reduce anxiety and tension. As part of a normal diet, wine provides the body with energy, with substances that aid digestion, and with small amounts of minerals and vitamins. It can also stimulate the appetite (not always a good thing). In addition, wine serves to restore nutritional balance, relieve tension, sedate and act as a mild euphoric agent to the convalescent and especially the aged. We are so fortunate to live in California where wineries are so abundant — and in Gilroy, where we have ten great wineries to enjoy with our friends and family. I personally enjoy the wine events that the individual wineries put on just about every weekend during the summer. We hope you take some time and visit a few of them this summer. I want to especially thank Whitney McClelland and Westside Grill for sharing Whitney’s fantastic wine art with us. If you would like to see more of Whitney’s work, stop by Westside Grill… and have a glass of wine from one of our local wineries while you’re there. Anyone for Palm Springs? Don’t bother to book a flight, it’s getting too warm there anyway. Just give Therese and Steve Costa a call and see if you can hang out at their place. I guarantee you that the view will exceed anything you can find in the dessert but the surroundings will make you will feel as though you were there. (For a glimpse, see pages 9-10.) Buckle your seat belt. Summer is here and the events are numerous. An event that we were unable to fit in this issue is an Annual Brunch put on by the Las Madres organization on Saturday, June 2nd. So if you’re a new mom or an expectant mom and would like to know more about the organization and/or the event, call Michelle Craig at 373-7090. On page 16, we have included the downtown event schedule for this summer. Hope to see you all there. Everything for your garden and more! pottery fountains statuary arches water gardens ornaments sod plants gifts J. Chris Mickartz Wine art by Whitney McClelland, 11155 Lena Avenue • Gilroy, CA 95020 • Highway 101 & Masten Avenue 408.846.4555 •