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Sales and support We do our homework so you don’t have to. Our sales team studies a detailed market analysis of recent Leopard Cata- maran sales and market trends. We use this knowledge to establish a fair asking price relative to today’s market. We are able to offer a trade evaluation on your current Leopard if you are interested in purchasing a new Leopard. We will support you through the entire sales process and handle the transaction from start to finish. We organize the survey/ sea trial and haul out and supervise the entire event. Your presence will not be required. We know many qualified captains and will coordinate the process. We are able to recommend third parties for all facets from documentation to survey to repairs/ maintenance and delivery of the vessel. Robertson & Caine Unique to any other brokerage, we are able to access technical information and history through Robertson and Caine, in addition to the Leopard Service Depart- ment. We have very active com- munication with Robertson and Caine, and full access to their technical team. If we need to get a question answered quickly, or if we need urgent upgrade advice in order to make a sale, we can achieve this better than anyone else. 12 Our relationship with the factory is unrivaled. Any parts that need to be special ordered can be done easily through us. Considering we are the exclusive dealer of Leopard Catamarans, We can advise surveyors and clients on how the boat is built and designed, unlike any other brokerage who is not privy to that information. The informa- tion we house can make or break a deal.