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A quick way to fix this is to turn off the system and heat it up to -25C and then quickly bring back temps down to cold and start again. 90% of the time, you will be able to get high clocks again but may not be able to get max clocks until full paste remount (full CPU pot warm up, paste replacement etc). We always prefer the full paste remount since it works better for us. If you see after some time that you start losing Mhz then it’s time to dry out your system and give it some time to recover and start again. Potential issue: a few codes you might see on the diagnostic LED during overclocking 02, 04, and 06: To solve the issue turn off your PSU and wait a few seconds and let the power drain from your system. Then switch it back on and turn on your system. C4: To solve the issue press the restart button on your motherboard. Overclocking Software and Legacy O/S Support GIGABYTE TweakLauncher (GTL): GIGABYTE Tweak launcher is an app to overclock in Windows. Below are things you should watch out for when using the application. • We prefer to un-tick all the boxes (“Clear all check” option) and tick only those which we use the most (Cores and VCore) each time we start the app. • Un-tick PLL OC when you have it higher than 1.75V in the BIOS because it causes freezes when you re-apply it from GTL. • For some Gaming motherboards which are missing the VCCPLL option in the BIOS you can apply it from here. Link to GIGABYTE TweakLauncher: 26