GGCP Newsletter Feb. 2019 - Page 3


Trees Save Money on Energy

Planting trees in the right places around a home or business can cool buildings by providing shade in the summer, and protect them from freezing winds in the winter. This method can lead to significant savings on heating and cooling!

Summer Sun

Planting trees on the east, west, and northwest sides of the home can provide shade in the summer time. The shade of a tree can reduce temperatures up to 10 degrees naturally! This means you can cut down on energy use; cutting air conditioning costs up to 35%.

Planting conifers on the north and northwest sides of your home can block winter winds. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, so the sun will still pass through the bare branches to warm your home. Using less energy on heating by planting trees is a great way to save money and the environment.

Winter Winds

Silver Linden

Tilia tomentosa


Category: Shade Tree

Height: 50 ft

Spread: 30 ft

Form: Upright Oval

Fall Color: Yellow

Flower: Small and fragrant

This tree has heart-like leaves (below), which are glossy green above and silvery-white below. When the foliage flutters in the breeze, the silver and green leaf colors are notable. Fragrant yellow flowers (below) appear in late spring to early summer. Flowers are followed by small nutlets attached to narrow, strap-shaped leafy wings. No serious insect or disease problems are related to this tree.