GGCP Newsletter Feb. 2019 - Page 2


Great American Rain Barrel

GGCP has partnered with the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission to bring a limited time offer to program participants. For properties that receive 2 or more trees, a free rain barrel will be provided to the owner by SWS. This barrel will help you to recycle rainwater that falls onto your roof for reuse to water your new trees. Get your trees now while supplies last.

Rain barrels come in 3 colors (right). Remember: it is very important to water young trees to help them grow healthy and strong! Trees need 25 gallons of water a week from Spring through Fall with extra attention paid to watering in the warm Summer months. Use your rain barrel to fill your watering bag and you'll be good to go!

The winning neighborhood this quarter is:


Our goal for this year is to plant 400 trees in our three neighborhoods! The more trees we plant, the higher the savings rates will be for us on things like energy use and pollution clean up.

Healthy and happy trees lead to a healthy and happy city! Plus, who knows...maybe the winning neighborhood will receive some fun prizes...


Spring is on the way!

GGCP is gearing up for another planting season. We'll be starting up once the ground thaws - April to June. There's still time to call in for trees if you haven't already!

Spread the word

Be sure to tell your family, friends, and neighbors about the Greening the Gateway Cities Program so we can reach our goals together and make Springfield a better place to live, work, and play.