GFT19 Newsletter#1 GFT_2019_NEWSLETTER#1_lowres - Page 8

-6JULY 3 BITEC • BANGKOK DSLR VISION LASER CUTTING PRINTTER SUBLIMATION GFT19110019 Brand : UNIKONEX Model : UL – VD Brand : Epson Model : F9330 • งานตัดมีความแม่นยำ� • มีให้เลือกหลาย ฟังค์ชั่นการตัด • พิมพ์ไวที่สุดในท้องตลาด • หมึกพิมพ์มาตรฐาน OEKO – TEX • รับประกันหัวพิมพ์ 2 ป NEXT TECH SCREEN SUPPLY CO., LTD. NEXT TECH SCREEN SUPPLY CO., LTD. DIGISTAR HI-PRO YELLOW / MAGENTA / CYAN / BLACK SUBLIMATION PRINTER GFT19110021 GFT19110020 GFT19110022 TX1800-5113/3200# DUBLE/TRIPLE/QUADRUPLE Brand : Kiian Model : 501215/501230/501251/501211 Brand : Grando Model : TX1802-5113/3200, TX1803-5113/3200, TX1804-5113 • Kiian • Sublimation • Grando digital machine • Mulit-functional roller transfer • Auto edge lase cut • Technician support PURPOSE CO., LTD. PURPOSE CO., LTD. BROTHER GTX RICOMA EMBROIDERY MACHINE GFT19110023 GFT19110024 Brand : Brother Model : GTX Brand : RICOMA Model : EM-1010 • Print like you never have before with the next generation in Direct To Garment (DTG) printers • With an accelerated print speed, seamless design, lower maintenance and a robust amount of amazing features • GTX takes conventional DTG printing to the next level. • Easy customization, flexible quantities, quick output and expanded product offerings • The EM-1010 is a 10 needle machine designed for the home embroidery enthusiasts, hobbyists, and crafters. • With a 7” intuitive user friendly LCD touchscreen • Lightweight and durable SKT. EMBROIDERY CO., LTD. SKT. EMBROIDERY CO., LTD. 8