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ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition for Garment and Textile Manufacturing Industry – 21 st Edition ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Materials, Accessories and Equipment for Garment and Textile Manufacturing – 6 th Edition HOORAY KITMEECHAI GFT19110013 GFT19110014 KITMEECHAI TRADING CO., LTD. KITMEECHAI TRADING CO., LTD. COMPUTERIZED EMBROIDERY MACHINE COMPUTERIZED EMBROIDERY MACHINE GFT19110015 Brand : BARUDAN Model : BEKY-S1506CII Brand : BARUDAN Model : BEXT-S901CAII • High spec drop table machine with servo motor • Perfect model for variety of order sizes • Compact, fast and reliable • User-friendly icons with text • Single head with servo motor for increased production and more power • Easy to operate – XT color LCD 5.7 inch automat with icon based operation menus • Compact body, less noise by smart head technology • High performance KMCC CO., LTD. KMCC CO., LTD. ROLAND TRUEVIS SG SERIES PRINTER / CUTTERS ROLAND TRUEVIS VG SERIES PRINTER / CUTTERS GFT19110017 GFT19110016 GFT19110018 Brand : Roland Model : SG-540 (54”) / SG-300 (30”) Brand : Roland Model : VG-540 (54”) • Large format printing models available in 54” and 64” models • Cost-effective, Greenguard Gold certified TrueVIS INK in 500 ml pouches • Four FlexFire print heads maximize performance 375 sqft/hr. max speed • 4-color, 7-color or 8-color configurations • Available in 1625mm (64”) and 1371mm (54”) models • Cost-effective, GREENGUARD Gold certified TrueVIS INK in 500ml pouches • Four FlexFire print heads maximise performance 34 sqm/hr. max speed • Available in 4-colour, 7-colour or 8-colour configurations MBA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. MBA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. 7 Vector is designed to provide the highest standards of reliability. Its unique on-board intelligence maximizes production by monitoring machine behavior, offering a real-time interface to Lectra’s call centers. As part of a Smart Services package, this predictive maintenance anticipates breakdowns, allowing Vector to maintain one of the best uptimes in the industry - up to 98%. With Lectra’s Vector-specific service offer, Vector is not just a machine but a solution that takes the cutting room to a new level of excellence. Hooray HRZ 920, the computerized embroidery machine is an innovative embroidery technology developed for use in High speed work and exquisite work done by embroidery. It suits for medium and large garment factories. The Hooray HRZ 920 has 20 headers, 9 needles with 1,000 RPM and 16 million needles or 400 embroidery. There is 12-inch LCD touch screen with Thai menu. The structure of the embroidery machine has developed by the advanced engineering, it’s making the structure highly flexible. n e w s l e t t e r # 1