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ASEAN’s Most Comprehensive Exhibition for Garment and Textile Manufacturing Industry – 21 st Edition ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Materials, Accessories and Equipment for Garment and Textile Manufacturing – 6 th Edition PRINTED LABEL WOVEN LABEL GFT19110037 GFT19110038 • Many colors are available for printed labels. • The following materials are commonly used material for printed labels Satin, Polyester and Nylon. • Created your most important brand identity with our woven label product: Taffeta Label, Satin Label, Damask Label, Woven Edge Label, Di-Cut Label, and Heat Seal Label. • We produce the following label with the feature of softest edge, the greatest detail and the most luxurious finishes-all with high speed and efficiency. SUNWAY LABEL CO., LTD. SUNWAY LABEL CO., LTD. AUTOMATIC POCKET SETTING MACHINE AUTOMATIC POLO PLACKETING MACHINE GFT19110039 GFT19110040 Brand : RAMBO Model : RM-310S Brand : UZU Model : PL-59 SERIES • Pocket creasing and completely finished sewing on garment • East convenient • Easy to operate machine by touch screen • Reduce labor cost • Automatic Polo placketing, with auto knife cutting and stitching • Can do both center and hidden placket and is easily to adjust no need mechanic changing • New series upgrade with higher speed knife • Customer can choose JUKI or BROTHER head. T.PAIROJ INTERPLUS CO., LTD. T.PAIROJ INTERPLUS CO., LTD. KNITTING NEEDLE AND PARTS KNITTING OIL GFT19110041 Brand : SAMSUNG GFT19110042 Brand : SAMSUNG Model : SS VERT • Knitting needle for circular, flat, socks, seamless and warp machines • Parts for circular, flat, socks, seamless knitting machines • Lubricate oil made from Paraffin and Naphthen • Good function for high speed knitting machine • Prevent gum-up • Excellent cleaning ability THAI HANLEE CO., LTD. THAI HANLEE CO., LTD. 11 Brand : SUNWAY LABEL Brand : SUNWAY LABEL n e w s l e t t e r # 1