GET Logistically FIT Issue No. 1 - March 2014

In this Issue Logistics by Logisticians Variables not Unknowns Logistics ABC costing a 4PL Newsletter from Imdad Logistics Issue No.1 March 2014 LOGIST ICS by LOGISTICIANS Logistics Operations Management is a field totally independent from General Operations Management. Jumbling this field with all its subspecializations in a general practice sock would be trivial. When procurement, sourcing, freight, shipping, warehousing and beyond are being juggled, the oddity transpire if those specialties are entrusted to a generalist. Yes, Logistics should only be handled by logisticians. Case in point; consider Logistics Business Plans, a deal sometimes impudently passed to a financial analyst. Think how all market, operational and financial data, gathered for the sound construction of the plan, being vastly interlinked, industry specific and conveying to crucial decisions, will turn into speculations if not braced by a logistics professional. The same goes for logistics systems, when designed or implemented; the success of such endeavor definitely pulls in only if overseen by logisticians. Equally matching, the engineering guidelines of a logistics facility should never be endorsed if not going together with logistics operations guidelines. Bottom line, your company is not a learning platform for a consultant. The consultant should bring to you not less than a huge volume of amassed personal practical expertise and all the world’s innovations of the industry. VARIABLES not UNKNOWNS Fear of the Unknown is the strongest kind of fears. But the good thing is that, in advanced math, Variables are not Unknowns. Variables submit to a certain logic that rules changes and consequently can be manipulated and controlled. However, Unknowns escape all rules and controls. Unknowns should be feared, while Variables are our daily bread and butter. Turn your Unknowns into Variables. Map your operational variables and define your