Get Inspired: August issue 4 August Issue 4 - Page 157

Your camera screen should look something like the photo on the right. Leaving even a little more space around your photo may make it even easier to square things up. Next, hold your breath and snap! You may even want to take a few photos to have options. Don’t worry if you get a toe or two in the shot, as long as nothing is overhanging the layout, like the belt of your robe, yes I have done that! Once you have uploaded your photos onto your computer, it is time to do a little editing. I use Windows Live Photo Gallery, it came free with my computer and is super easy to use, but there are several free online options as well, like Picasa and PicMonkey. This is what my editing software looks like in use. To the right of the photo you will see tools like “straighten”, you can use this to tweak your photo if it is slightly off square. By clicking on the drop down menu below the “crop” tool, you can choose “proportion” and then “square”, this will allow you to get a perfectly square photo. If you are having difficulty lining up your edges, you may need to crop your page just a little inside the outer edges, that’s okay! Next, use the “adjust exposure” tools to tweak your page. I like to up the “shadows” a bit, increase the “contrast” and “brightness” a fair amount and reduce the “highlights” a bit. I also use this program to resize my photo to about 600x