Get Inspired: August issue 4 August Issue 4 - Page 11

Hello, welcome to another issue of our magazine! As you peruse the pages we hope that you will be inspired to create and possibly even to try a new technique or two. Maybe you will find a new blogger to follower or a new product that you just have to have. That’s what this magazine is all about challenging each other and inspiring each other. As we endeavor to bring you more beautiful projects, we hope you will continue to share your creations and help to spread the word. In this issue I am sharing a tutorial on photographing and editing your projects. Because E-zines rely heavily on your photography skills to make them look great, we need your work to be beautifully photographed and edited. It is really not that hard and requires no special computer software and we know you can do it! Enjoy your read and please consider submitting for our next issue.