Gender, Sexuality & Culture Gender Sexuality Culture_2018

GENDER, SEXUALITY A N D C U LT U R E Graduates of a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Gender, Sexuality and Culture develop research skills, the ability to construct compelling written arguments and the ability to think beyond existing perspectives. ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences About Gender, Sexuality and Culture The study of human Gender, Sexuality and Culture at ANU teaches you the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills required to analyse gender, sexuality and other categories of difference from a critical perspective. It will train you in the use of a conceptual vocabulary that facilitates critical thinking about gender relations and the role of culture in maintaining social norms. It challenges you to move beyond common sense understandings of gender and sexuality by examining the way they are constructed in different historical periods, cultural arenas and global processes. The Gender, Sexuality and Culture major aims to develop your capacity for thinking and communicating creatively and independently about society, identity and culture. It encourages a reflexive and questioning approach to knowledge. It draws on the disciplines of gender studies and cultural studies, and theoretical and methodological frameworks such as feminist theory, queer theory, postcolonial theory and post-structuralism. Gender, Sexuality and Culture students learn to: > > Analyse, evaluate and apply contemporary theories of gender, sexuality and culture > > Use the conceptual vocabulary of gender and cultural studies to analyse contemporary issues and problems > > Use the methods of gender and cultural studies to analyse the way gender and sexuality are produced in culture, including written and visual texts > > Identify and understand interdisciplinary approaches to gender, sexuality and culture.