GEMA/HS Dispatch Sept 2018 - Page 6

LOOKING INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM Hurricane Hunters collect data points crucial for emergency decision making Story by: Julia Regeski W hen looking at a hurricane, from above or on a screen, it’s hard to tell the complexities going on within. Forecasters face this problem every day and depend heavily on one particular team to face the storm head on and collect the data they so desperately need. Hurricane Hunters are specially trained pilots, navigators and weather reconnaissance experts who fly straight into severe weather to gather real-time infor Fv66&R7'V6FWFW&֖pW7FǒvBvVFR7F&ЧvBFR"f&6^( 26VbW&&V6766R6&FFW'&6W2VB6&FFW2FPGvFV2FRR2FB7B0W'&6RVFW'3FRF2R2BB2R"0766F( 2"W&F06VFW"BFRS7&BvVFW &V6766R7VG&FPS7&Bu%26VBbFR f&6R&W6W'f^( 2C7&Bvr6FV@BVW6W""f&6R&6R&֗722FR&vW"B&R7FfPbFRGvBFR&WVW7Bb4$4vv&2FǒvFf&V67FW'2FFWFW&֖RvBFFFW&WV&RFRS7&B7VG&6VG2G27&Ww0B&VBW'&6W2B&V0bFW&W7B6V&6bFF7V60vB7VVBF&V7FFVW&GW&RV֖FG&W77W&RB&R`v6&R6V7FVBW6rRbFP7VG&( 2FV7V6ǒWFfGFV@t232FW7FRFRGf6VBFV66&ƗFW2bFW6R&7&gB&Vr&fS7GW&RbW'&6RG&6FVg&76R6W'FW7bb&W6W'fRW'&6RVFW'27&VFC7G&WB66GBVǐ`6WFV&W"#