GEMA/HS Dispatch Sept 2018 - Page 19

The exercise addressed the complexities of and how best to approach any future radiological food contamination. distribution systems must be considered as representing a plausible and viable threat,” said Morrison. “Georgia’s economy would be heavily impacted based upon the radiological threat scenario which was played out during the exercise.” Despite the complexity of planning, the exercise was considered successful in that it tested the state and its partners. Said Doyle: “The idea is to find things that we, as a state, have done well and make sure we do that every time, but also to find things that we could have done better, and then find a way to make sure we do better next time. GDA will work with GTRI to develop a comprehen- sive after action report detailing just that, so that the dozens of agencies involved in the exercises will be bet- ter prepared to respond should someone intentionally contaminate a food supply. The report is expected to be released to exercise participants and the public in the coming months. ■ DISPATCH | 19