GEMA/HS Dispatch Sept 2018 - Page 15

that help communities,” he said. “One of my projects was to raise rolls of toilet paper. One of my colleagues even opened her own food bank.” Rios’ passion for preparedness is contagious, and Shankar is looking forward to working with Rios this year. “His work ethic and passion for preparedness makes others excited about projects,” she said. “He won’t stop until the entire nation – no, the entire world – knows about preparedness.” This year, Rios’ will be focusing on getting the word out about FEMA’s new youth programs for kindergarten through second graders, as well as eight to 12 year olds. “We will help increase publicity for the Prepare with Pedro program and working to get those items into schools and emergency management agencies,” he said. The K-2 Prepare with Pedro program is an activity and coloring book to begin teaching younger children how to be prepared, while the activity for the older youth is a card game that helps them understand they are the help until the help arrives, said Rios. “He will do a great job on th