Geistlich - Indication sheets X2 - Failure Management

Indication Sheet X2 Failure Management Treatment concept of Dr. Michael R. Norton, London, England > Management of periimplantitis using Geistlich Bio-OssĀ® and Geistlich Bio-GideĀ® 1. Indication profile x aesthetic region Region x non-aesthetic region x multiple tooth gap single tooth gap Remark: Procedure also possible in single tooth gap. Bony situation x bone defect present no bone defect present Remark: Bone dehiscence and fenestration labial to implant, 10 months after implant insertion. x bone augmentation indicated Soft tissue situation x no recession x inflamed x infected recession uneventful thin thick inadequate keratinised mucosa Remark: The tissue appears rather thin. Procedure also possible in uneventful situations without recessions. x soft tissue augmentation indicated Status of implant implant stable explantation indicated 1 x yes no yes x no