Geistlich - Indication sheets PIR - Peri-Implant Augmentation

Indication Sheet PIR - Special Edition Peri-Implant Augmentation Long-term stability TO Y E K CESS SUC 3.5-year follow-up by Dr. Paul Stone, University of Edinburgh Dental Institute and Blackhills Specialist Referral Clinic, Scotland 9.5-year follow-up by Dr. Christian Ramel, Clinic of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, University of Zurich, and Private Practice, Zurich, Switzerland 4 and 5.5-year follow-up by Dr. Claude Andreoni and Dr. Thomas Meier, Private Practice, Zurich 10-year follow-up by Dr. Jean-Pierre Gardella (surgeon) and Dr. Christian Richelme (prosthodontist), Private Practice, Marseille, France 12-year follow-up by Prof. Daniel Buser and Prof. Urs Belser, University of Berne, Switzerland 1