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I envie découverte I wishlist discovery I ‫اكت�شـاف‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ 1 Venice, the Serenissima Romantic, timeless, tremendous ... abounding attributes to celebrate Venice. Yet, the fascinating city of lovers is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world for its celebrated art and architecture, attracting about 20 million tourists each year. “Whoever has seen her does not believe in what is said about her and who sees her hardly believes in what he saw." As professed by the poet Luigi Groto in his "Praise of Venice" in 1570, Venice lovers are bewitched by the eternal city’s ravishing culture and architecture. The "miraculous land of water" learned to tame the lagoon’s wet soil and the tides, thanks to its first architects’ ingenuity. What once was a lagoon inhabited by fishermen and refugees during antiquity, became an undisputed maritime power over the centuries. Permanent building succeeded the first precarious housings. The floors have been drained to allow the installation of piles and platforms in planks, oaks or larches. The ground strengthened and levelled, the Venetians were able to tackle the construction of houses and palaces. 76 I envie découverte I wishlist discovery I ‫اكت�شـاف‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ 2 A laborious technique that transforms the biggest building sites into titanic works, following the example of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, which rests on 1 006 657 four-meter long stilts. Following several fires that ravaged the city during the 12th century, the wood used to build palaces was replaced by brick and stone from Istria, leading to major renovations. Facing a constant population increase, Venice has gradually conquered the sea. Today, it is estimated that 80 to 90% of the city was built on water, which causes at th BY[[و[HXY\[ۈو\وH]KXXZ[[܈[۝[Y[X\]\H\ܞH\YHH\[\\\Xš[Y[\][XH^\Y[Y B\\X[[\[ۜȈZ[Y]B[]X[Y\]Xٙ\\H[^[ܙX][ۜ][[HYZ\Y H^[[H[H\\H\[[[]X[\]X\K\]\YHH[ۙYZ[X\\[XH ۜY\Y^H\›ۙHوHܙX]\\]X\[][ق^[[H\ KH\و XH[H\[X\Z[ۈHܘ[[[ H\HXܛوHYY][˜]Y[[]X[\[[X\\\\X\^YH]Y[Y[X[[Xܘ][ۜYX]\ۈ[XBHH MHZY M][\KB[XHوH\\][[\[\š[\][ۋ\Z[[\HBXY\]\[H[]X[YZ[\][ۂ] [Z[H[X[\وH^[[KX[[]X[[\XY]YHBM[\H\\]X[Xܘ]ܜ BX\[\[[\[Y]\Y[[ݚ[\ۙ\H[H[ܙ]˂[HX\XHZHZ\XH[[HX\XB[H[]H\\\H\وB[Z\[H][Y\Y[][H]H[وH M][\KXY]\[\]YH\]X\[\]YK[]X[Z[[\YZ[ [XB\][\[\[\Z[\˜۝X]Y]\YH\[B[Z\[KHܚوH[[H[Z[K]X[[ܙ]\ۙ\KY\[[[][^ܝY[]X[Y\]X[^[ۙH]x&\ܙ\ˈ[HX[Hق\Hܚ]HY[]\YY]Hܛ YH[YܛH[وBI[XH[ X\\[XK\H[K[]\YH\^[[K[XH\™܈[\Y\[Y[YHHܛ]][[[\ۛZ[][\]YB[HوY\]Xˈ\HX[]œ\ܞK]\^HY\Z[][\B][ Y\H\Hو۝[\ܘ\H\ Y]Y[[K[XH\XYBH[X\[\]X\K][[۝[\ܘ\H[K]\X[[[XK]\YܙH\[\\]]HH M۝[\ܘ\H\Y[[K]H\H]KHX^H Lݙ[X\  Mˈ›Y[[ۈH[Hو[XK[XH[[\‘[H\][ H MY][ۈ[ZBXHH ]Y\H\[X\BK[p]YHH[\[HHpYHHB\[\]YHZ[X\X[\YH]HRRYHpH]\\[[H[][ۈHܜHZ[X\[H\[\]YH]HܝZ[HZ[ P[\]\°H[[ܛ\H[ZXوH[\[[Bو X\\[Xx&\XYKXY]Y[B\Y[[\H[\\[[ X\&\[][ۈوHH[H\[XH] [\]\&Hܝ[0H[[ܛ\H8*`v,b`v,)(x+*-6b+*+8*)a6*b+8*av),v`b8+8*,)a+8*)a6`+b,+8*`)*+,v))b*x+8*b6)+6a*x+8*-*6a6*x+*av),v`b8+8*,)a+8*+6,++8*a`a8+8*av**a8+8*b6ab+8*.v-6,x+8*)a6*)a6*+8*)a6`,va+8*`vb+*(a6b*6bb6,+8*,)a+8**6b6)*6*x+8*)va6bx+8*)a6`)*+,v))b*x+8*`vb+0H[“[ܛ\H[Z\\\Y8&qd]HHUYBpH0HX[P\H[\HHI”[XKH M[\HX\\YXH0HX[B\H[\H8*)a6`,va+8*,vb6)).x+8*ava+8*,vb6.v*x+8*+b6+6b+8*`-v,x+*.v-6,x+8*)a6,v)*6.x+0HX[P\H[\