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I rencontre interview I encounters interview I ‫مقابلـة‬ ‫لقــاءات‬ I rencontre interview I encounters interview I ‫مقابلـة‬ ‫لقــاءات‬ Mehdi Ben cheikh Street Art passion Galerie Itinerrance is a site of cultural ferment, where artists from all walks of life meet and exhibit, but also a tremendous springboard for young talent. It has in a few years joined the very closed circle of Paris prestigious art galleries. Meeting with the founder and owner of the gallery, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, a true lover of urban arts, is preparing for his new project Street Art 13, an open-air museum. MBC : I represent many artists from different nationalities in my gallery. The LG :T ell us a bit about yourself . W hat is your background ? MBC : I spent twenty years in Tunisia and twenty-two years in France. I studied plastic arts at La Sorbonne, to later become a fine arts professor. Meanwhile, I opened Galerie Itinerrance, in 2004. I also set up numerous projects outside the gallery, such as Tour Paris 13, Djerbahood, Earth Crisis at the Eiffel Tower, and Street Art 13, in Paris. adventure. A gallery could be a start, provided that this job is not limited only to selling works of art, but rather to be part of an artistic movement, and to try to write a small piece of history history, along with the artists I defend. In fact, I had already been gallery owners’ big fan, like Kahnweiler, Durand- Ruel, and Ambroise Vollard, who gave all their credentials to their passion for art. These visionaries, from the end of the nineteenth century to the 1960s, dared against all odds to defend artists they believed in, and to put their artistic intelligence at the service of a whole generation of artists, to the cost of their own interests. F rench and foreign artists . how to invest the street, how to take over the city. From the moment when an artist’s work is meaningful, it becomes universal and its nationality Murakami's work is inspired by the manga. Yet, today, we no longer think MBC : During my first years of Ph.D., I wanted to live a dream, artistic exhibits many This is the first time that the whole world is taking part in the same issue: becomes meaningless. LG :H ow did G alerie I tinerrance see the light ? W hy P aris ? LG :G allerie I tinerrance origin of the artist does not matter to me if his work is relevant. The Tunisian artists that I present participate in an international movement, street art. W hat are your selection criteria ? MBC : The quality of the urban practice and the analysis of the gallery transition are my main criteria, regardless of the artist’s origin or nationality, provided that he is in symbiosis with the universe he defends. of his origin, as his universe soaked in ours. Shoof's work may well be in Arabic calligraphy, at some point, it will become a universal aesthetic, open to the entire world. LG : W hat do you think of art in T un ͥͥѡɕٽѥ)5  QѥѥɥQչͥ́ɕѡѥٔ)չ͍́ͥѡٕɔ́ЁɅѕ)ѡѡѕQչ̸͍ͥ́$ѡѡЁܰЁ́ѽɱ)Ѽх͠ɕЁݕѡɕٽѥ䁹܁ɕٽѥ)ѥѥɥЁ éɔݕѡ)ѡɕɔѥ́ѕՅ̰Ѽɕ́ѡ͕ٕ́ɔɕ)1 \Ёѥ́ԁɕѱ䁕ᡥЀ)5  =ɥİ ,ݥɕ͕Ё́܁ͽᡥѥЁɥ)%ѥɅЁ́ ձمɐԁɅ)MAɥ̀Ѡ)ɽ͕и)%)չݔݥݕѡɥѥЁQɥхѽȁ́Ёͽ)͡܁Ʌ)1 \Pչͥѥ́ɔԁ\ݽձԁѼɅє)ݥѠ)Ḿ䁉ٽɥєЁѡиѥЁݥѠѕȁɕ)ɽչ܁͍ݡٽٕ́Ё她]ѡȁ)͡܁ݥѠѡ]ɱ٥͍̰́͡ɍѕɅɽ)ȁم̰ѡ́ѥЁ́Ѽٕ䁵մ͡ѡ́)́ѥ)1 $ȁ܁́ѡɕɕՑɅɕ)Ѽ)Pչͥѥ̃dݽɬ)1 \Ёɔȁɽ́ȁѡɕЁѡ啅Ȁ)5  Q́啅ȰݔѥՔMɕЁЀ̰ȁ͕մAɥ(Ѡɽ͕и]ٔͥЁ啅Ȱٕѥ ձمɐ)YЁɥɽ1MѼA%х]Ё́ɕɭ́ѡ)ѡɥɼɽ͕́ѡ́Ѡͥ䁅Ё䁝̰݅(((ĀMMх)]єMɥЀ5͕)ԁEՅ Ʌ䀴ɕ)͍́$)M]єMɥ)͡܀EՅ Ʌ)5͕մɕЁ)͍́$bf#f+fbbfbbf+bf+bf#bf+bbbbۊ+bbbfff+fbf++bbfbf+bfff+bf#bNJ(ȸMḾѥɔ)履Քȁѽ(ذԁ+ ɥ%ѥɅ$)MUѥѱ履)م̰ذ(ԁ ɥ)%ѥɅ$bbf#fb3bf#f+bff fbbӊbff'bfbf+ff+fb3bff#bfb0(b0\ԃbf+ bf+bf+fbbfbϊbbff+bf++bfbbff+bbff#f bff+bbbbf#ffff胊bff( ,fbfbf#ff#bbbbbbf+bbbbbbbfbfff#bNJbf+bfb胊bӊbf(Ѓff+bff#bf bbbbbf+bϊbf+bf+ff+bf#fb׊bf#bf ff+bfff bfbfbf+făf+f#ff#bff+bf#bfbfbNJf#bbffbbbNJbfbbfbbfbf+ff+bf+ff#fbbfbfbff+bbbbbffbbNJ+f#bf+ff#fLQɥхѽbf+bf#fbbf+bbbfbbffbf+ff+bfffbfbfbbf bf(fbfbbff+ffbbb׊fbbbۊbf#ffbb+bfbfbbfbbf f+fbbbf+bfbff#fbbb胊bff)MɕЁЃL̃bfbf#bbbfffbbf#bbff#bbfbfbfbfbf胊bӊbf+bfbf+ff+f#f+f bbfbff bfff#bbff+fbbfbfbbbbbbffbbfbbffbf#ff#+fbfbf#fbbbbbbbbbfbbNJbffbbf+bbfbfbffbÊf ffbff bbbbf+bϊbfbf+fb+ff+bbbfffbbÊbf+bbff+bbbbbf#bbf'bfbbfffYЁɥLbf#bf+f#f+bbbbf+ff+f bbbbfbfbf#bbff#bbfbbfbff#f+bbf#bbff bbbNJff+bfbbf+f fbb+bfbbbff+fbfbbNJf bfffbbfbfbbbbbfbfbfbf+bfbbfff#fbbffbbbbb+fbbf ff+ffffbff#bffffbffbff#bfbf#bbbffff+bffbbbf+f+bbfbbbff+bfbf#bfbff#bfbf+bfbff#ff+bffbbbۊfbbffbbfbbbffbbbbff bbbNJ)ܹѥɅȀbfbfbf+bbfbbf bbbbNJ)ѕѡɕѕЁɕЁЁѥ̸Q́Ѽа)ѡɕЁᡥ́ѥձȰͥѼٕͽѡ䃊bffbfbbf+bbfffbbbff+f+bbbbffbbfbȁff;ff#fbfb(fbfbbb)хѡՉ݅丁 䁹аѡ́ᡥѥ́յѕͽȁɝ七bfbffbffbfbbbff bff+bf+bf#bffbbff+ffbf+f#bbbfbf fffff#bfbbbf+f)$ܹѥɅ((