GAZELLE MAGAZINE Vol. 1 Issue 3. - Page 60

THE MARSHALL PLAN SHOW COURAGE, BE KIND When Gazelle STL publisher Cillah Hall and I were given the opportunity to be extras in Marshall the Miracle Dog, the movie filmed in and around St. Louis this summer, we jumped at the chance. Neither one of us had ever been involved in the actual filming of a movie before, and simply taking in the sights and sounds was an enlightening experience. We reported for duty at the crack of dawn at ClevelandHeath Restaurant in Edwardsville, Illinois, wearing one outfit that we believed adhered to the pre-set guidelines. But we were instructed to bring along two extra ensembles – just in case we didn’t pass muster. Solid colors, no logos, no white, no black (that made it really difficult). I passed with my solid navy blue sundress, but Cillah had to make a quick change. She wasn’t quite casual enough for the dinertype atmosphere created for the movie, but luckily, one of her backup dresses fit the bill. In the end we were ready to be filmed. We thought. We were called for our scene, and as in our roles as patrons just leaving the restaurant, we were asked to walk through the establishment as Shannon Elizabeth, Matthew Settle and Patti Vasquez finished their dialogue, but our high-heeled wedges clomped, clomped, clomped on the hardwood floors. Walk softly,” said the casting supervisor. “Both of you, take off the shoes,” called out Director and Executive Producer Jay Kanzler, a St. Louis native and lawyer. Photos and story by VICKI BENNINGTON My head spun around to look at him. I wasn’t quite sure he was serious. He nodded, 58 GAZELLE STL SAVVY SOPHISTICATED SASSY