GAZELLE MAGAZINE Vol. 1 Issue 3. - Page 47

YOUNGER FURNITURE STERLING HOME PROMOTION Have you ever walked into someone’s home and made a quick mental calculation of what decade they decorated that particular room, based on the fabrics and colors? You would never dress yourself head-to-toe in clothes and accessories that were more than a decade old, so why should your house be “dressed” in outof-date attire? You can take a tip from the fashion runways to pick up some fresh ideas for your home. This fall we can expect to see plenty of texture and coziness in our clothing, and sweater knits on pillows and throws, or thick shaggy rugs for the home. Furs and leathers are finding their way onto creative furniture and even woven with other fibers into rugs. Birds are embroidered, printed and appliqued onto every type of garment, particularly tops and coats this fall, according to fashion bloggers. In the home, you can find them in textiles, furniture and lighting. Influences from the 1960s are making their way back in the form of mini-skirts, knee-high boots and mod prints. The mod prints are showing up on fabrics for draperies and furniture that look a lot like my mother’s Paris apartment from 1964. Adding a few new accessories to your home every year can keep your rooms looking fresh and up-to-date without a major overhaul. Looking for more inspiration for your home? Check out for more ideas.