GAZELLE MAGAZINE Vol. 1 Issue 3. - Page 43

Jamie Parker “When they started cleaning out my wounds, that’s when I started feeling the pain, because people had to keep me calm and keep me breathing,” she said. Jamie spent a night in intensive care and was later moved to the hospital’s burn unit, but still wasn’t able to fully grasp what had happened to her - or the multiple surgeries and months of therapy that were to follow. “Anytime they changed my dressings, I would ask them to put a washcloth over my face so that I wouldn’t accidentally look at my legs. I knew if I did, I probably would have different thoughts while in the hospital, and I wouldn’t have been as accepting of what happened. I told myself, ‘I’ll see them in my own time - I don’t need to see them now.’” She had to face facts once she entered rehab, and it became clear that she would be the one responsible for х