6 5 7 9 8 1. Darius & Jovita Foster and Mallory & Preston Polk at Opera Theatre’s Spring Gala 2. Steve & Katie Schankman, Maggie Gaddell & Ron Kruszewski at St. Louis Symphony’s Gala Celebration 3. Emily Rau, Mike Colombo and Dr. Megan Rau at Crisis Nursery’s Razzle Dazzle Ball 4. Veronica & Randy McDonnell and Cindy Erickson at the American Red Cross’ Red Tie Gala 5. Rosemarie Brown and Melissa Giuntoi at The Cabaret Project’s Gala 6. Tara Schultz, Laurie Lock, Lisa Carnahan and Sarah Hunkins at Saint Louis Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty Soiree 7. Miran & David Halen at Opera Theatre’s Spring Gala 8. Nikol Oztok and Kathryn Feldt at Marygrove’s Bloom 9. Laura Hettiger and Steven Lewis at Youth in Need’s A Celebration of Youth SAVVY I SOPHISTICATED I SASSY 87