FASHION & STYLE Karlie Kloss Takes St. Louis Express brought a little bit of New York to St. Louis with a model search and runway show featuring St. Louis native Karlie Kloss. Express and Kloss selected the runway models via a contest where applicants uploaded videos to Instagram, explaining how they live their best lives and empower others to do the same. The campaign culminated with a packed runway show at The Pageant. Store Closure Roundup E-commerce and other economic variables have had a huge impact on shopping center traffic, leading to the closure of stores that have been mall staples for decades. The Limited, BCBG and bebe are some of the brands that announced closure of their bricks-and-mortar stores this year. We are keeping an eye on flagship stores like Nordstrom, Sears, Macy’s and J. C. Penney, which continue to report declining sales. On the bright side, you can still get what you need online. We look forward to positive fashion news in 2018. The Express model search and runway show featured St. Louis native Karlie Kloss (pictured above) SAVVY I SOPHISTICATED I SASSY 19