COMMUNITY & CULTURE More Than A Fashion Show SEE AND BE SEEN BURNS RECOVERED PHOTOS BY DIANE ANDERSON T he fifth annual More Than A Fashion Show gathering at Neiman Marcus showcased not only the latest runway looks, but also the spirit of the young campers who benefit from the Midwest Children’s Burn Camp. The camp, held for one week every summer, is provided free of charge to young burn survivors, more than half of them from financially distressed homes. The camp is a program of Burns Recovered, an organization founded to help burn survivors of all ages to live life to the fullest. This year’s event was co-chaired by Faith Berger, Kate Duryea and Sheri Sherman. 1 2 4 76 GAZELLE STL 3 1. Karla Denos, Fran Zamler 2. Sheri Sherman, Faith Berger 3. Abby Goldstein, Lori Holtzman 4. Trish Muyco-Tobin & Dave Tobin 5. Cheryl DiMauro, Phyllis Langsdorf 6. Kanisha A nthony 7. Jane Weiss, Sohaila Danesh, Pam Toder, Carol Michelman 8. Nancy Stirmlinger, Linda Borghi 9. Marcia Brockman, Boobie Light 10. Frank Gabriele, Andrea Lenzen 11. Debbie Kootman, Linda Holtzman 12. Alice Handelman, Joni Karandjeff, Nanci Bobrow 13. Connor Holt 14. Blair Kweskin, Adeline Schraier 15. Susan Hendin, Leda Sander