FASHION & STYLE Jenny Present DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT A t Gazelle STL, we are inspired by women who take risks and work toward achieving their wildest dreams. St. Louis accessories designer Jenny Present is an inspiration. She shared a little bit about her entrepreneurial journey to create an accessories brand that inspires joy. "Life has twists and turns that take a person down unexpected paths. Sometimes those paths lead to challenges, and sometimes they lead to unbelievable joy. I've had my own share of tough trips, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. When life gave me lemons, I made…jewelry.  Through handmade and carefully designed and crafted jewelry, I'm 62 GAZELLE STL sharing my life experiences in a unique way. My designs are more than your typical accessory. They are a way to show appreciation, to express love and to share special moments. "As a confident single mother, I’ve made it my mission to show women that no obstacle is too large to overcome. With the proper mindset and support, any goal can be reached. Jenny Present is known for the Proud Mama and LifeNotes collections inspired by my then- infant son. My collections are meant to inspire and empower the women that wear them. I truly love what I do and hope that translates through the designs I create. After 10 years in business, Jenny Present customers range from hardworking moms to A-list celebs."