FASHION & STYLE NYFW Chronicles By Cillah Hall T o say my trip to this season’s New York Fashion Week was amazing would be an understatement. I attended 12 shows in five days, all of them memorable, all of them making me want to come back for more. The energy in the air was electric, from getting dressed up to jumping into an Uber car, and finally sitting on the benches in Clarkson Square Studios - many times across from a celebrity, wondering if I was really seeing Paula Abdul, or thinking, "Is that ... is that Skinhead from 'Orange is the New Black?!'" It was that kind of week. Each year, sometimes twice a year, we go to New York Fashion Week, or we tag team it: I go to New York Fashion Week, and our fashion coordinator Vikki Welch goes to L.A. Fashion Week. We divide and conquer. Somewhere in-between, we attend trunk shows, product presentations and launches, and sometimes, we just mingle with the cool people. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will notice that I travel a lot! In my line of work, it is necessary to capture the flavor of culture in cities like Miami, the hectic and serious side of fashion in New York, and catch the celebrity buzz in cities like Los Angeles. Sometimes, I will stroll through the long, hilly streets of San Francisco, taking in the scene, keeping my mind fresh and energetic. That energy and excitement translates onto the pages of Gazelle STL. We want to continue to bring you the type of content that you would expect to see in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy the pages of our runway fashion review and feel inspired. Unexpected moments: On the USS Intrepid, where I was interviewed for a New York magazine’s video channel With "Real Housewives of Dallas" husband- and-wife team Mark and Cary Deuber 20 GAZELLE STL