HEALTH & WELLNESS 70 HIV/AIDS News in 2017 By Vi c k i Fr e n c h B e n n i n g t o n “U ndetectable=Untransmittable, or U=U, is a breakthrough of hope for people affected by HIV or AIDS, according to Opal Jones, president and CEO of Doorways, an interfaith nonprofit organization, providing housing and supportive services to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for those impacted by the condition. “Basically, it means if it is undetectable, then it can’t be transferred,” Jones said, “and that is huge.” Three recent studies have prompted confirmation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that if an HIV-positive person has an undetectable viral load, they cannot pass on the virus through unprotected sex. The announcement was made in July at the International AIDS Society Conference in Paris. The complex studies involved thousands