FAMILY & HOME HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT HE/SHE WAS THE ONE? Hayley: As soon as we got back to St. Louis, and we officially started dating, I just kind of knew. I don’t know if there was any defining moment. I will say that literally a week into dating, I came down with some awful illness, and my parotid gland in my neck swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. I obviously didn’t want him to see me in that state, in fear that he would run away. He insisted on seeing me every day, bringing me care packages, etc. He just surprises me every day with his kindness, acts of selflessness and his huge heart. He’s honestly the most generous human I’ve ever met. He loves making people smile. Blonie: I knew she was the one when early in our relationship, we were watching a cooking show, and Hayley turned to me and asked, “Do you mind if we turn the football game on?” WHAT DID YOU LEARN ABOUT EACH OTHER DURING THE WEDDING PREPARATION PROCESS? Hayley: We learned if we can make it through that process, then we can make it through anything! Hah! Blonie: I’m not sure what she learned about me, but I saw an unbelievable amount of patience and kindness in Hayley as she dealt with the ups and downs of planning a large wedding.  WHAT WAS MOST MEMORABLE ABOUT YOUR WEDDING? Hayley: So many things! Besides saying “I do” at the altar, I think it was our first look - walking down the glass stairs at The Four Seasons and seeing each other for the first time that day, just the two of us for that short time - it was such an incredible moment.  WHAT WERE SOME OF THE OTHER SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS ON YOUR WEDDING DAY? Hayley: Katy Perry crashing the wedding around midnight! I was actually in the hallway saying goodbye to my photographer, when Katy Perry and some of her backup dancers casually walked up to me and congratulated me. I thought I was hallucinating or getting punked or something. She said, “We heard the music upstairs, and we’re just looking for an after-party. Do you mind if we crash your wedding?” She was on the dance floor with all of our guests. It was great! The whole night was perfect, and that was just the cherry on top. 32 GAZELLE STL