FAMILY & HOME Hayley Rosenblum & Blonie Dudney BRIDAL BLISS VENUE: Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis DATE : October 21, 2017 ABOUT THE COUPLE: She’s a third-year law student at Saint Louis University School of Law. He’s a physician and retina surgeon. HOW DID YOU MEET? Hayley: Blonie and I met in Madrid, Spain - all thanks to my dad! I had just quit my job as an athletic trainer, and decided to take the summer off to travel before beginning law school in the fall. I managed to convince my best friend to go to Spain with me for a couple of weeks to visit my brother, who was studying there. Unbeknownst to me, my dad had met Blonie in Canada through mutual friends a couple of weekends before, and they hit it off right away. My dad, who already had plans to meet us in Spain, decided to invite Blonie along for a “guy’s trip,” failing to mention my existence. I thought my dad was crazy for inviting a stranger along to what was supposed to be a nice weekend with my brother, dad and best friend. I also thought it was crazy that Blonie would agree! Turns out, it’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened! 30 GAZELLE STL