Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 8

NEWS From page 5 the Home Page. At this stage the pdf version is available only for PCs. Depending on its popularity, and demand, we may add an Android version later for reading on smartphones and tablets. In addition to the current edition, back issues will also remain available from now on (in fact there are three back issues on the site already). The publication of an online version of the magazine does not mean that the rest of the website becomes redundant and falls away. The site remains an online portal for prospective advertisers, giving our rates and advertising data and, from time to time, advice to prospective advertisers as to the benefits and necessity of various forms of advertising in different economic conditions. In addition, we will continue to publish, before they appear in print, classified advertisements and events in Gauteng, on the Classified page and Diary page respectively. The latter, particularly, gives organisers of events taking place too soon for publicity in the printed magazine to reach a significant target audience. The site is liberally sprinkled with convenient email links for the submission of enquiries regarding advertising, editorial, classified ads etc. In addition, the website includes a page of links to documents, forms and websites frequently used by smallholders and farmers. Want to know how to size a septic tank? Go to our resource page. Need a blank stock removal permit? Go to our resource page. Advice on starting a farmer's market? Go to our resource page. Links on the page are constantly Continued on page 8 MAILBAG From page 5 hardcopy in hand is best. Kindly forward me the details on how to obtain the 20002009 back page articles. The link on the website doesn't seem work. Thank you and keep up the good work. We are reading and benefiting. Basheer Essop WINNER: Maria du Toit of De By email Wildt with her prizes, having won Thank you for your note. The the Garden World/Hadeco complink on the website has been etition we ran in the past few editions. fixed. ~ Editor 6