Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 49

From page 46 K Deep root waterer ~ will soon start catching flies Remove the cap, cut a just as efficiently as you hosepipe-diameter hole in would with expensive shopthe base and bury the bottle bought fly catching bags. upside down near the plant Add more bait and water as you wish to water, leaving necessary, or simply add about 2cm of the base water and shake up the exposed. contents allowing the dead fly The neck now being about bodies to rot and become 35cm deep in the ground, bait themselves. when you fill the bottle with If, and when, the container water you are ensured of becomes overly full, simply delivering 2 litres of water, discard it and start again. slowly, to the roots of the plant where it is needed, rather than allowing a large proportion of your water delivered on the surface merel