Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 48

D-I-Y In praise of a 2 litre Coke bottle F or something that contains a substance so poisonous to humans as sugar-and-chemical-laden cold drink it is refreshing that the plastic bottle should be such a useful thing about a smallholding. For a 2-litre PET bottle is, indeed a versatile thing! Here are just some of its uses about the plot. K Funnel ~ Remove the cap and cut away the top, making the “body” as long or as short as you like. The top end, inverted, makes an invaluable funnel for filling generators, mowers and tractors with petrol or diesel in a spill-proof way. (A small 500ml cold drink bottle subjected to similar treatment makes a handy funnel for filling the same machines' sumps with oil). The bottoms of bottles thus cut up make handy disposable containers for washing paint brushes, washing machine components in petrol, storing nuts and bolts in the workshop, scooping animal feed in measurable quantities, and spreading fertilizers The bottoms, with holes punched in them, also make handy, if not very attractive, flower pots. K Fly catcher ~ Remove the cap and cut away the top about 1cm down the vertical side. Turn it upside down and force it inside the bottom so that the two cut away edges align. Using a standard office stapler, fix the two sections together. Punch two holes, on opposite sides of the container and thread a loop of wire through, hooking the ends inside the container. Mix up a dose of proprietary fly-bait (or make your own out of meat scraps, syrup and water) and pour this into the container. Hang the container in full sun, (but under a protective overhang to prevent rain water from filling the bottle). Shake the bottle every day for a couple of days till the mixture it contains is good and ripe and pongy and you Continued on page 47 Coke bottle fly trap 46