Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 38

IN THE GARDEN Tools for toppies (and gogos) F or elderly gardeners and those who simply can't bend their backs Multifire & Power of Springs has developed a set of four quality hand gardening tools with long handles. The range comprises three designs of double-sided ... and anyone, for that matter, who can!t bend to garden hoe/skoffel and a small, sturdy rake. Made out of 5mm mild steel fully galvanised after fabrication, the heads are bolted (rather than nailed) to a 1,2m handle. The tools are specially useful in working soil around small plants, for example in flower beds and vegetable patches, and the various sizes and shapes of implement can be used for loosening hard soil and weed removal, much as one would with a conventional hoe, breaking up crusty surface soil with the pointed hoe attachments, seed furrow preparation with the narrow hoe and smoothing and levelling with the rake which is narrower than a conventional rake and therefore more suited to work within the confines of a planted flower bed. The tools can be purchased individually for R92 VAT included, or for R340 VAT included for the set. They will make an excellent Christmas present for the avid elderly gardener or anybody who wishes to avoid back pain. Multifire welcomes trade enquiries for its tools. For more information: Multifire & Power, tel 011 817-3044 Multifire’s sturdy long-handled hand-tools. 36