Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 25

POULTRY The many benefits of a few chooks G iven that specimens of the hardier breeds will look after themselves with little more than the odd scrap of stale bread being tossed their way, one would expect every Gauteng smallholding to have at least a few chickens scrabbling about, if not being properly housed in a chicken run and kept for their eggs and meat. Yet our statistics show that From page 21 nearly 40% of Gauteng smallholders do not keep poultry. The advantages of keeping chickens will be obvious – fresh eggs, meat for the nonvegetarians, fertiliser and walking pest control. Freerange eggs are a good source of omega-3, an essential mood-boosting fat, as well as an excellent source of protein, thus making them an integral part of modern diets such as the Banting Diet and Dr Tim Noakes' diabetes-fighting lowcarb, high-fat diet. But there is another reason to keep chickens, and that is the therapeutic value of having a few “girls” wandering around one's plot. People suffering from depression or loneliness have discovered that having a small EGGS With any business, ongoing Once collected, it's time to assessment and evaluation is package and sell. Consider key. If things are not running your business plan when smoothly with your egg thinking about how to package business, it may be time to your eggs. A striking label with reassess - the markets, your a graphic logo can make your infrastructure such as the product more attractive than coop, pastures and fencing, another local brand. Make sure and even whether continuing you comply with the regulato sell eggs is the right choice tions when designing the for you. packaging. 23 flock of hens to care for has given them a focus outside of themselves. Having to get up and go outside to feed their chickens has had a disproportionately positive effect. They are outside in the fresh air and interacting with uncomplicated, amusing little creatures, each with a Continued on page 24