Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 21

POULTRY From hobby to business: starting with eggs F rom keeping a few hens to supply the household with eggs to starting a small egg business is not such a great step if one has some simple plans and precautions in place first. With an expanding flock one is often left with the uneconomic prospect of giving away eggs to staff, friends and family, which might keep one Useful book on weeds from ARC T he Agricultural Research Council (ARC) offers a useful book for smallholders who grow crops, entitled Common Weeds of Crops and Gardens in Southern Africa, by Chris Botha of the Grain Crops Institute. This comprehensive publication only assists with the identification of the different weeds, but does not elaborate on weed control. It is critically important to identify the weed correctly, even in an early growth stage, before chemical or any other control can be considered. Weeds also play an important role in other disciplines, such as entomology and plant pathology, where insects or fungi, bacteria and viruses may survive, hibernate or reproduce in or on weeds, from where they can infect crops. Detailed colour photographs and short descriptions, together with the common names of the weeds ensure implementation of cost-effective and sufficient control measures, minimising the danger of contamination and ensuring continuous production, regardless of the scale of farming. For more information: Mary James, 19 in their good books but certainly doesn't help to balance the budget. The time may therefore come that maybe one could make some money by selling eggs. Before one commits oneself and the layers to this, do your research, as one would for Continued on page 20