Gauteng Smallholder October 2015 - Page 18

BEE FORAGE passing on a liability to the From page 14 assessment report that will accompany their permit application. Permit applications and queries to Download a permit application for your Category 2 gum tree species from: uments/forms or Selling a property populated with invasive gums means new owner. Invasive gum trees need to be listed on the compulsory Declaration of Invasive Species form filled out by any seller of property – and handed as notification to the buyer – before any sale of property can be concluded in South Africa. A copy of this form needs to be sent to the Biosecurity Compliance Officer, Dept of Environmental Affairs, 14 Loop Street, Cape Town, 8001 or But smallholders can also consciously create beeforaging areas by protecting our natural vegetation and avoiding unnecessary clearing of virgin land), and should be aware of the environmental impact of planting processes and animal husbandry practices. Be sure to consider planting indigenous bee-friendly plants when gardening, planting windbreaks or when rehabili- QUIRKY Red flowering gum A stand of grey ironbark trees tating land. The following grow in Gauteng: Acacia trees such as hook thorn, monkey thorn and sweet thorn; buchu; aloes such as kanniedood, spotted aloe or mountain aloe; wild asparagus; bushwillow; wild pear; bushveld boekenhout; protea species; cat thorn; karee; Senecio api Y