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NEWS Climate change? ‘We have a plan; sort of ’ B y now only the most hardened Denialist can be expressing the view that climate change is a myth and it is not surprising, therefore, given the evidence around us, that local authori- ties are beginning to take climate change and its possible effects on their environments seriously. In this regard Gauteng is not behind the curve in any way, with a comprehensive study into the effects of climate change on various aspects of the province's future having been conducted by academ- ics from the University of Cape Town, in conjunction with representatives of affected municipalities and other bodies. The study, named the Provincial Climate Change Response Strategies and the Development of Action Plans, MAILBAG Hamburgers at the Taras Bulba S ir ~ I have lived on a smallholding in Kyalami for 31 years and every month I pick up my free copy of the Smallholder from Jorge's Supermarket on Summit Road and take it home for myself and the family to read. In your October edition there was a lovely story on the back page about the Taras Bulba steakhouse in Pretoria. I grew up near Hartbeespoort Dam and once a month on a Saturday morning my mum and dad and two brothers would drive into Pretoria to do our monthly shopping at the Ok Bazaars in Church The Editor welcomes your letters, comments and opinions, but reserves the right to edit and shorten as necessary. Senders’ names and addresses must be included. Afrikaans letters will be translated. Post mail to: Letters, PO Box 14648, Bredell 1623 or fax 086 602-3882 or e-mail Street. After the big shop we would stop at the Taras Bulba and sit in the little garden in front of the house under the steel Coke umbrellas and eat the best hamburgers and milkshakes in Pretoria. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Simon Meanwell Kyalami AH. 5 of which a Phase Two Report on the updated climate change projections and broad risk and vulnerability assess- ment of selected sectors was completed in final draft form earlier this year, looks at the effects of climate change on everything from infrastructure to food security in the province, and suggests some framework measures that province-wide disaster management bodies and other authorities should be Continued on page 7