Gauteng Smallholder Gauteng Smallholder November 2011 - Page 48

DIARY ATTENTION CRAFT MARKETS, CLUBS ETC: If you would like details of your events included in the Diary, please fax or email your information to the Editor. For non-commercial enterprises this service is FREE. NOTE: FARMERS' & CRAFT MARKETS. For a listing of REGULARLY HELD markets and fairs please see the separate section on page 47 . Only markets that are held infrequently are now listed in this calendar section. Every Sunday Cattle drive with City Slickers breakfast, Diamond X Cowboy Ranch, near Cullinan. Call Rudan on 082 410-3180,, R500 per person. Mnandi Methodist Church, 09:00, Mnandi Centre, cnr Tulip and Short Streets, Jen 012 651-5509. Gail 072 477-0708., A small community who worship together. We have a Youth and Children's church. Premier Mine Presbyterian Church , Lower Oak Ave, Cullinan. Garden of Remembrance (Columbarium) , 079 060- 9990 or 012 734-1640 , Worship and Sunday school. Holy Communion for all on the 1st Sunday of every month. Every Monday Alcoholics Anonymous. 'Courage to Change' Group meeting, 19:30, Benoni Agricultural Holdings, Marcus 082 042- 7730. Warren 082 335-0049. Glen 072 239- 3024., If you want to drink – that's your problem! If you want to stop – that's our problem! No fees; no dues; just concerned fellowship. 2017 November 4: Full moon 4: Crafts in the Park Food & Craft Market, Bokkie Park, Southvale Road, Parkdene, Boksburg. 09:00 to 14:30. Free entrance. Up to 80 craft and food stalls, live music. Call 072 713-3332 or 7-10: Introductory Course in Pig Production (4 days), ARC Animal Production, Irene. R2 680. Call Annetjie Loubser,, tel 012 672-9153 or Thabisho Phasha,, tel 012 672-7273 18: New moon 22-23: Introductory Course to Veld/Rangeland Management (2 days), ARC Animal Production, Irene. Call Annetjie Loubser,, ѕ(ȴ́ȁQ͡A͡)A͡QɌɥ鄰ѕȀȴ)( Ʌ́ѡAɬ ɅЁ5ɭа) AɬMѡمIAɭ) ͉ɜѼɕɅ)UѼɅЁх̰ٔͥ) Ȁ̴ȁ)Ʌͥѡɬ(ձ(䁽Iѥ( ɥѵ́ Ʌ́ѡAɬ) ɅЁ5ɭа AɬMѡمI)Aɭ ͉ɜѼɕ)ɅUѼɅЁх̰ٔ)ͥ Ȁ̴ȁ)Ʌͥѡɬ(9܁(Mѥ( ɥѵ́ٔ( ɥѵ́(䁽ݥ())Յ(9܁eȝ́(ձ5(9܁5(9܁5)Յ(9܁5)5ɍ(ձ5(Ѡ]٥ɥձɅMܰ)]٥Mݝɽչ̸(9܁5(!յÍ(ɥ(ձ5()ܹ̈́͵ȸ)ɥ(ѕȁMչ((9܁5(ɕ(ձ5)5(]ɭ́(9܁5(Դ9!ٕЁMܰ9)Aɬ ѡ٥(ձ5