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#SAFoodCrisis Immigrants make a viable market Smallholder growers struggling I mmigrants' yearnings for tastes of their home countries could present a viable alternative market for smallholder farmers in Gauteng. That's the view of the Agricultural Research Council's Sandile Mahlangu, writing for the Smallholder . Mahlangu points out that markets are pivotal for smallholder farmers, allowing smallholder farmers to reduce poverty and contribute to local economic development. A number of studies have highlighted that market participation holds consider- able potential for unlocking appropriate opportunities for providing sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers, and the income earned determines the success and survival of smallholder farms. Unfortunately, to date, many vegetables that are not cultivated locally but are with low prices at municipal indigenous crops for African markets will find a viable alternative immigrants. This will allow smallholder in growing for, and selling to, farmers to have their own immigrant communities yearning niche market as this market is currently neglected by for a taste of home, says the ARC!s mainstream growers. Sandile Mahlangu The influx of African immi- markets, for them to be able grants presents an emerging smallholder farmers still to generate income while market for Gauteng small- struggle to access the formal market in the country, and in building towards participating holder farmers to exploit. It is in the mainstream value worth noting that individuals recent years a small percent- chain. in this group value what they age has managed to secure consume and currently direct markets with supermar- One of those alternative markets is the supply of kets, hotels and schools. Continued on page 19 Some of the reasons for smallholder farmers' failure to participate in the market is the lack of market informa- tion, quantity of marketable produce and a highly industrialised food supply. The confluence of barriers for smallholder farmers has created a need for alternative 17