Gauteng Smallholder Gauteng Smallholder November 2011 - Page 18

NEWS From page 15 taken on you cellphone, one of which will be used by the system as an introduction picture next to you item showing in the listings. Should you wish to ensure that your post remains visible at the very top of your category (important in a category with many pages of entries) and in addition remains visible at the top of the sasfox home page, you will be asked to pay R39,99 per week. A week on sasfox lasts from Saturday to Saturday and any days in the week of booking (and payment) are not included. Thus, if you choose to upgrade your entry on, say, a Tuesday, your paid week only commences from the following Saturday, although your ad will be upgraded as soon as we receive notifica- tion of your payment. Effectively, this means you will receive almost an additional week's worth of featured status with our compliments. Payment of R39,99 per week is also required if you wish to publish your website address in your advertisement. Payment is most simply made through a secure Payfast portal attached to the site, although we will also accept cash payments to our office, or other means of payment subject to arrangement. Our aim is to keep the sasfox platform as sleek and simple as possible, making it user- friendly for smallholders with even the most pathetic internet connections. Thus, the content will be strictly limited to categories of information that are time- critical and relevant. This means that, apart from the classified advertising, there are only two further categories of data on the site: farm and equipment auctions, and farmers' markets, both countrywide. As far as farmers markets are concerned, we have split them into two types: those that take place regularly, and those that are organised periodically. The idea is that both prospective stallholders and market visitors will be able to search, by area and day, for markets that are held regularly (mostly on Saturdays and Sundays), as well as for ad-hoc markets. The sasfox initiative is a wholly-owned offshoot of Bowford Publications (Pty) Ltd and as such is a sister venture to the Gauteng Smallholder magazine, which now no longer publishes classified advertising. For more information call Mark Hageman on 011 979- 5088 or email QUIRKY Stupid labels #1: Parrot Food, for Birds. No. Really?! 16