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NEWS Pictures enhance sales on slick website A picture paints a thousand words, goes the saying, and adding a picture (or five) to your entry on the SA Small Farmers Online Exchange,, greatly increases the number of views the item will attract and, therefore, the chances of a speedy sale. That's the common experi- ence of sellers countrywide who are embracing the site as a specialist medium of exchange for smallholders and small farmers in increas- ing numbers. To use sasfox as a sales medium you need to register as a user, a simple, free and safe once-off procedure. Once registered you may enter details of the item you are wishing to sell. Experience shows that including a price increases interest. As you enter the details the system prompts you to enter an address (important because the site is active countrywide F rom page 13 with carprofen were generally harmless to vultures; however, cattle vary in their absorption of the drug, resulting in some having very high concentra- tions at the injection site. In addition, vultures vary in their elimination of the drug, resulting in some suffering renal failure and death. In summary, some vultures will die from eating some carcasses of cattle treated with carprofen. While carprofen is not as toxic to vultures as diclofenac, it is also not as vulture-safe as meloxicam. “We are talking about critically endangered species of vulture – we cannot afford to lose any to carprofen or any other known unsafe NSAID,” says Kerri Wolter, a co-author of the study and founder of South African vulture conservation organisa- tion, VulPro. “Carprofen should not be used to treat livestock in regions where the carcasses of these livestock are provided to vultures.” The paper on this study can be accessed online through ScienceDirect at toxicity. However, the researchers found that carprofen concen- trations were much higher at the injection site than in the kidneys or liver of the cattle used in the experiment. One of two vultures exposed to the average concentration found at the injection site died. Post mortem examination of this vulture found severe kidney and liver damage evident of NSAID poisoning. The researchers concluded that carcasses of cattle treated 15 and is searchable by area), which enables us to allocate your advertisement to a recognisable searchable location. You are also prompted to upload up to five picture, which can be no more elaborate than having been Continued on page 16 VULTURES mosphere.2017.08.167. For further information: Kerri Wolter at or 082 808 5113.