Gauteng Smallholder December/ January 2018 - Page 46

TRACTORS From page 43 corner of a field, there to quickly become overgrown with brambles and weeds, hence appearing to have become part of a hedge. Parting with a few hundred quid, the new owner will be allowed to extricate the machine from its dank and leafy grave, load it on to a trailer and cart it home, there to discover the full magnitude of the restoration task ahead. First off, the wet English weather will probably have claimed the “tinwork” (bonnet and mudguards), which will need replacing. These are often available as newly manufactured items, or reasonable quality ones can be sourced from other restorers who may have bought tractors [\H\܈YY\\˂[HZY[XZ[[[BXX[KX\[\[[Y][XZY [ۙš]H\YYK\H]]Y\[YY\[ٙ[X[[] HY]Y\[ۈ[[B\ܘ][ۋو\K\Bۙ][ۈوH[[KX\[Y][X˂Y[KH[[H[Bܘ[YH[ []]\Z^Y Z]\^KHYH\ܙ\[\][\XH\ۜ[X\[]˂[[[\X[Y Z[[[XZ[[[H\YY] YH\ܙ\[[œZ[Z\Xܜ^XH\HX[YX\\Y[K][H^[و\[HܚY[[Z[ܛ][KB[ۜˈ[[H][ HZ[؜XY]Y][\\]Z\Y[[\Hٝ[\\\HY[XY]YۈHܚY[[˂^ H[XX[\BY\HX\[ێۈ\Xܜ [\HB[XX[\[H\ ]\ۛH[H NML]Xܜ [\HY[[[ۛH\H L[XXˈHYHB\ܘ][ۋ\YܙKۙB]\XYH]\œ[XZ[] ܈]\HB\[KX\\œ[XXH[܈X\˜\H\\YHK܈™]H[ܙH[[ۈ['[\'H L\[KX]\^KۙHYYܜHX]H\[›\ˈ\H\H]Z[XH܂YHXZ\[]ܛK] ˜\X[\˞BH\\[XYH]›[[]Y]BܜXY[ۛXܜ˂[ۙH\\YܙK\\[HHBX܈[YH\[[Y\X[H[۝وܚ[H][Y۝X\[Z[Y]\\H[[ޙ[[\Y]B\ܙ\YH[H[H\]H[Y\H]B[[Y\Y[[B\[Y]H[XYH܂HY ]]\HX܈]][[\[Y[܈YB[[\\HHX܈܂Y[H[[\][H]\Z[\›Y [\[H^BXY\HY[ [\Z[\[[XYH\Y\˜\YY [ X[\K[[X]\X[]X]\™\KۈHY[\[X\HR\ܙ\\H\›[ [Z[X\]