Gauteng Smallholder December/ January 2018 - Page 41

From page 39 TRACTORS tractors, specifically Vaaljapies. Business is never slack at present, he says, because farmers in the 40s and 50s bring him a continual stream of their parents' old machines, tucked away under some afdak for decades, for refurbish- Try to prevent your workshop floor from ment, often as tractors becoming a jumble of parts and tools. on which their children models and years. For can learn to drive (letting example, the back end of the a kid loose on a modern million rand four-wheel-drive Massey Ferguson 35 tractor is pretty much the same as its John Deere or Massey- forerunner, the Ferguson TE Ferguson is not necessarily a series, so many modern parts good idea, they realise). Here are some pointers when can be used on the older machines as replacements. seeking to buy a tractor for And, considering you are home restoration. looking to build up a working K You will need a closed, lock-up space, about the size tractor rather than a show- of a double garage at least, in piece, going for a make that is common makes more which to park the machine, sense than going for the rarity strip it, refurbish it and value of some obscure rebuild it. It needs to be marque which only ever sold secure and dry because you a few hundred machines in will be leaving parts lying the country. about, not to mention tools, K If you've only ever worked while you work on it, which you will find yourself doing in on cars or motorbikes, rather choose a petrol-powered your space time, over tractor to restore. Tolerances weekends, etc, and as parts and spares become available in diesel engines are much finer and may test your to you. amateur mechanical abilities. Some kind of hoist, for handling heavy loads such as K If you choose an English or the engine block, wheels etc, American make to rebuild you will need to procure a set will be most welcome. of imperial tools. K Because you are going to K Bolts and nuts on old be using your tractor on a tractors will often have frozen smallholding, choose a in place through rust, so a smallish tractor rather than a giant, and look for one in the plentiful supply of Q20 penetrating lubricant will be best possible nick to start handy, and you will soon with, preferably with all its learn techniques such as parts intact, even if they're not working. Choose a tractor loosening recalcitrant nuts by heating with a blowtorch. with rear hydraulics, rather K Before you start pulling than an old implement dragger. Effectively this means the machine to pieces, try to procure a parts list and you should confine your search to machin es built since service manual. The internet is a good place to search for the 1950s. such documents. At least that In South Africa some makes will tell you what goes where were more popular than when you try to reassemble others, making spares more it. You will also find it useful readily available. Also, in in giving tolerances, clear- some makes there is com- monality of parts across Continued on page 41 39