Gauteng Smallholder December/ January 2018 - Page 25

IN THE DAIRY Supplies to let you make your own cheese, yoghurt M aking one's own yoghurt and even simple cheeses is easy enough, especially if one has a supply of fresh milk from one's own cow, goats or sheep, or access to milk from a neighbour. And, making one's own from fresh natural ingredients means that one is assured that the resultant product is free of additives, chemicals and residual antibiotics and growth hormones. But, smallholders are often thwarted by being unable to source basic dairy-making supplies such as cultures, rennet and cheese moulds. Addressing this issue is Bianka Dairy Supplies of Irene, a home-run business estab- lished to supply small producers countrywide, either as walk-ins or by mail or courier. Owner Bianka Wasley supplies a full spectrum of cultures and flavourings for dairy products including set and drinking yoghurt and cheeses, as well as supplies for baking, peanut butter and sauces. In addition she stocks related items such as ther- mometers, cheesecloth, rennets and emulsifiers, but draws the line at stocking equipment such as mixers, heaters etc, preferring to refer customers to other suppliers. And, for beginners she has a selection of easy-to-follow recipes and instructions for yoghurt making and cheeses such as cottage cheese and feta. Wasley works closely with 23 Barbie Pretorius of the Grootplaas Cheese Academy to offer advice and trouble- shooting to artisinal cheesemakers. Products and supplies are despatched throughout the country by Speedpost, Postnet or courier, depending on the destination and nature of the parcel. For more information: Bianka Dairy Supplies, tel 083 679- 7060 or email