Gauteng Smallholder December/ January 2018 - Page 23

From page19 business is that it is constantly changing. There is always something new to learn, a new element to consider, a new challenge to overcome. Because both the goats and the cheese cultures are live organisms, the number of things to consider on a daily basis is vast and ever- changing. It keeps them both busy but with enough time to appreciate the joy of what they have created. Their children and grandchildren are all big fans of the cheeses. Rina and Norman themselves eat goats cheese every day. “I go into minor withdrawal if I don't have any,” says Rina. It was not all easy. Rina and Norman both point out the lack of understanding around goats' milk in South Africa. Their early years were marred by issues owing to the fact that all information they had been given was relevant only to cows' milk. They learned by trial and error and are hoping to pass this knowledge on to help new farmers avoid these problems. Rina is a member of the Milk Producers Organisation of Gauteng. She is also a founding member of the Southern African Goat-Sheep Milk Processors Organisation and the Small Stock Dairy Association. Through this platform the Belchers are looking at ways to elevate the status of small-stock dairy farming in South Africa. Norman says t he worldwide consumption of small stock dairy milk represents about 65% of all milk consumed – despite the small usage in South g&6FR&V6W'0&RG'rF6vRFBFW&VGfR&vP6ƖVB&6RbvW&W@&W7FW&G2FV2BFW 7FƗGGW7G'V&W'2FV"vVVǒ7FBFRVfB&WB&WF&0v2'W77FVFǒFV vFR&vRbW6VV@VƗG&GV7G22vpfW"f27&72FR6VG'4%B4ĄDU%0FW7FRFR&VG&vP7V66W72bFR'W6W72&B&fR&r0f"FRgWGW&RFRWBF2FWRFV66ffVR6FV &W'GFBvV6W&vPf6F'2F7VB6RFPFR&W'GB&VvFv72bvR"6ffVRB6R6VW6RFW&R6rFfPFFRVBGW7G'vFvVB"WGF@vB&GV7G2FW&RrBv2`6&rFV"&VG&WFVR6VW6W'FV VvVǒ7V66W76gVVF'3srScVFvF&vvW"ƗfW7F6&&V&6Ч6rFW6vBFf7W0FRG&6fW'&b62FVrVW&vrf&W'2FR&V&&WFVP6VW6W'2FW7FVBFFPf7BFB6ƆFw2vWFVr6&R&fF&RF&VvG&BW'&"@vFV֖BFP&V6W'2fR7&VFVB7W7F&RB7V66W76gV'W6W72f"&Rf&F&V&#wwr66ƆFW"6